Lombok Exotic 3D – 2N

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Lombok Exotic Tours 3 Days – 2 Nights

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The FirstDay

On Your arrival time in Lombok meeting service then drive to Your Booked Hotel in Beach Lombok or in Praya free on your leisure.

The SecondDay

An early in the morning meet your guide at hotel lobby than set up your program first visit traditional fishermen village in Awang beach than continue the tours visit suntalangu another traditional houses of Lombok next visit Ulem Ulem
waterfall, tour proceed visit pink beach, lunch time provide on the beach. after swimming your tours guide assist you visit Tanjung Luar bulginess fishermen village in the fis h market than continue to Labuhan Haji Beach (black sand) see sirip ikan hiu in village of fishermen from Labuhan haji the tours continuing visit ceramic village in Penakah than to Bamboo craft in Loyok village, tours proceed to Tete Batu the mountain on the slope of Rinjani mountain, from Tete Batu Visit Kopang black smith village tours end.

The ThirdDay

Breakfast at your hotel, free program until we pick you up drive to your next destination.

Tourist Object Tours Destination

< style="text-align:center"> AWANG BEACH LOMBOK

This beach is visited by many local people because Awang beach is a place that is very suitable for fish anglers besides the beach is still very traditional. Apart from that, the residents of Awang beach are mostly fishermen, because there are quite a lot of fisheries in this place, so the government plan builds the largest fish market in Eastern part of Indonesia. Apart from the beautiful beaches, there are also traditional fishing villages. The distance between Kuta beach and Awang Beach is very close, because one way or another road from Kuta beach to the east cannot be passed by four- wheeled drive, tourists must return to the intersection / intersection of the market Sengkol takes half an hour driving from the intersection

< style="text-align:center"> ULEM WATERFALL LOMBOK

This waterfall is located in Keruak Village, East Lombok. The nuance of this waterfall has a pure and peaceful atmosphere; the sound of the water is very soothing and feels refreshed, the beautiful panorama makes the view of Mount Rinjani clear from this place. Moreover, the view of rice fields makes its own attraction. Short story this place also has a protected forest where this forest is inhabited by many monkeys, black monkeys, and naughty wild meats. There are also other wild animals. If the adventure is in the protected forest, don’t forget to bring fruits or some kind of beans to feed the black monkey

< style="text-align:center"> KALIANTAN BEACH LOMBOK

Kaliantan Beach is located in the southeast of Lombok Island, this beach that has white sand. Not only in the Kuta beach area, there is a tradition of Lombok people whose name is Bau Nyale, Bau mean catch the sea worm (the bau means that it does not capture the he he he he he). The Kaliantan beach has large coral hills, exploring this calm and small undulating beach especially with the emergence of sea water very clear makes this place a dream place for the photographer. Aside from the white beaches, this place is very suitable for children snorkeling because the beaches are very peaceful and similar winds bring the Kaliantan beach nature still natural. Local visitors usually on a normal day still look very quiet except on National holidays, Kaliantan beach is very suitable for honeymooners, a place to find peace and peace for the honeymooner besides the pristine beaches and tourists still look lonely.

< style="text-align:center"> TANJUNG LUAR LOMBOK

The road toTanjung Luar run through landscape along salt panes and low coastal hill. Tanjung Luar is inhabited by Buginese migrans groom South Sulawesi. Most resident are fishermen the mainly catch squid especially in the period October to April. On the curvy in the black sand there many small boats and night of the pier are several bigger boats at low tide the village people go on the plat reef to look for shell, there are a few bigger boats go and back the Island of Tanjung Ringgit carrying the passenger, you can also rent the boat for a day trip fishing on the southeastern most tip of peninsula. The traditional fishermen village with more houses built in south – Sulawesi style (buginese traditional houses). The most People life as fishermen and local government built a big traditional buginese fish market. Visit Tanjun Luar earlier in the morning beautiful biggest kind of fishes available on the market, more squid and color of fishes its carrying to others fish market around the Islands. Manly Tours and travel recommended fishing of shore rent outrigger boat return in the morning

< style="text-align:center"> LABUHAN HAJI BEACH LOMBOK

This beach has black but the beach so popular. The Dutch sent the troop to Lombok prom Labuan Haji port , in 1925 this beach also as a port for Travel pilgrimage ship to Mecca (Saudi Arabia) travel time three months. This beach also famous as fishermen beach, In addition, there is also seaweed forming managed by the people residing in the coastal areas this potential is not followed by an increase in the economic value of products through post harvest processing, the beach toward Sumbawa Island, it’s no ferry to Sumbawa Island only small ship travel time one and half hours. Some of famous tourism sport in this area ranging from the high land / mountainous to its beaches and under water view but at least is good for photograph. Most people live here they are fishermen.

< style="text-align:center"> PENAKAK VILLAGE LOMBOK

Penakak was once an important pottery making centre, under sponsorship from the New Zealand government. Since the support stopped, the production of the village has declined, but there is still a good range of pottery at very cheap prices available, all of which can be shipped to anywhere in the world. There are around a dozen shops selling decorated pottery, which is made in some of the smaller villages around Penakak. Pieces range from huge garden pots to dishes and decorative platters, some with distinctive paintings and designs carved into the clay. The brown earthenware bowls, pots and cooking utensils used by the local people are also made here.

< style="text-align:center"> TETE BATU VILLAGE LOMBOK

Wisma Soejono in Tete Stone is no stranger to foreign tourists, because in this place there are traditional architectural hotel buildings, this hotel can be said to be a pioneer hotel on Lombok Island, the only hotel built around the seventies taking part in promoting the island Lombok as a tourist destination. Panoramas of rice and rice fields as well as coffee and clove plantations add to the beauty of this place. Traveling around the Tete Batu lush forest, many tourists can see, such as a jungle filled with black monkeys as well as waterfalls in the middle of the wilderness. This tourist destination area is first known than Senggigi beach and others. Getting around in this village does not require a tour guide because this village is small and the villagers are very friendly and helpful, with the exception of tourists who continue climbing to Mount Rinjani via the Teta Batu route to use a Tour Guide, as well as tourists exploring the lush forest. local because it will be feared that later they will get lost on way. The abundance of springs in the vicinity of the lush forest is the main attraction of the village of Tete Batu. Tete Batu village is also known for its agriculture, many local people plant nutmeg trees, apart from that also the community lives as part of farmers. One of the popular places for arum rapids because of the swift currents of the river in this place. The village still offers many inns ranging from home stays to non-star hotels.

< style="text-align:center"> LOYOK VILLAGE LOMBOK

The village known as bamboo handicraft industry. The center is in Loyok Village located about seven kilometers south of the village of Tete Batu. At first the craft village only made bags made of bamboo, where the bags were used by fish anglers as a place to put the fish that their catches. Slowly the West Nusa Tenggara Industry Office provides training because the Lombok Island has become a tourist destination after Bali Island. People getting training from the Department of Industry, the quality of craftsmen has begun to increase, before only making bags or gegandek in sasak language, the handicrafts are increasingly developing and even able to make their own designs. In the year one thousand Nine hundred and ninety-two, this village has been visited by many foreign tourists until now. There is one mainstay production from this bamboo craft village, which is a lamp made of bamboo, while other handicrafts are like wallets, glass containers or cups, school bags for students and for office staff or company employees. Many of these handicrafts have been exported with the name written on be half of the buyer listed on their handicrafts. Welcome in Loyok village, happy work all the craftsmen .

< style="text-align:center"> KOPANG VILLAGE LOMBOK

An Kopang village is a place where you can see most people make craft from Ketak, and rattan, ketak is kind of grass. Variety of craftsmen made by women, also you can see the black smith village. Kopang is a home for bamboo craft, the road to the north side is the road to Benang Setukel waterfall about eight kilometer distance. It’s more interesting to visit Kopang village walk through the jungle see more spring water and kinds of bird also monkeys it’s a route to Segara anak lake about four hour trek arrive in Segara anak lake. This village also has super market and hotel soon build, while some villa still in construction, nice villa decorated with coconut tree. The Dutch house can still be seen in Kopang village. People in smallest village was very kindly unlike other touristic place, beautiful scenery is good for yours photograph.
Tours Including : Air Conditioning Car, Tours Guide , Lunch at Local, Restaurant (3X)
Tours Excluding : Entrance fee, Snorkeling Equipment, Donation, Parking Fee,

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