Lombok One Day Trip Gili Nanggu

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This tours will take eight hours tours, Lombok South West Coast Tours, you can see Lombok in one day only and traveler should be book return flight ticket Bali Lombok – Lombok Bali, departure earlier in the morning by first flight and return by the last flight.


10.00 – 10. 30 Arrival time at International Lombok, meeting service, following the program.

10.30 – 10.40 Visit Penujak, a village for ceramic.

11.10 – 11.40 Visit Sukarara Village, traditional hand weaving cloth.

12.10 – 12.40 Visit Labuapi Word Carving village.

13.10 – 14.30 Speed boat in Tawun or in Batu Leong ports.

14.30 – 15.00 Visit Gili Nanggu Island, snorkel, swimming and sun bathing, lunch provide at local restaurant

17.00 – 17.30 Return boats to the main land.

17.30 – 19.00 Drive to the airport for your onward flight to your next destination, program end.

Tourist Object Tours Destination

< style="text-align:center"> PENUJAK VILLAGE LOMBOK

Penujak village located on main road to the International Airport in Lombok Island belong to the central Lombok Island, it’s only take 5 minutes drive by car, Penujak Pottery Since the 16th century the Penujak villagers have been following the traditional method of making clay poetry (Gerabah) and it has remained almost unchanged until today. In Penujak there are a handful of art shops to visit and you can glimpse potters in the process of making decoration such as lizards and frogs, ashtray, and water drinking place made of clay and many others use to be export of their earthenware.

< style="text-align:center"> SUKARARA VILLAGE LOMBOK

This village is better known as the traditional weaving village, Sukarara village know as weaver village. Traditional weaving village descended from mother to many generations. Also pound many women still use traditional Sasak dresses more women Wear on Sundays because, weekly traditional market held on Sunday. Sukarara village the weavers by women ( girls). The only legacy of their ancestors weaving in traditional and hereditary ways. This rural nuance consists of several regions although there are differences; almost all women are required to learn to weave songket. The main charm of this traditional weaving village is the local cloth called songket, almost half of the residents of the weaving village offer their products. Sukarara village can be taken about ten minutes drive from Lombok International Airport. From Sukarara Village we drive through the countryside and rice fields belonging to the people around the countryside arrive in Banyumulek craft village after thirty minutes.

< style="text-align:center"> LABUAPI VILLAGE LOMBOK

A village lies in the suburb of Mataram city is home of handicrafts producer of wood carving, most of strong wood use to make statues and also most of the villages around here livelihood as artisans carving. The famous product of wood carving mostly craftsmen make mask from small size to the biggest size order while the lizard, primitive statues unforgettable wooden drum all sizes. The craftsmen has own unique style and they made combination of the coloring and complexion indicate carving. Source Info https www lomboktourtravel com

< style="text-align:center"> GILI NANGGU LOMBOK

This Gili located in the southwest coastal line, the beauty of Gili is known as the paradise island. It really feels like in heaven because the island is surrounded by blue calm seas and bright forest inside the island so that the Gili is referred to as an escape Islands, it is very good to escape stressful work from activities. The island’s is good for maritime activities and perfect because of its calm beaches and calm waves. Scenery underwater such as colorful fish with stunning sea views. Gili Nanggu provides a good resort and very beautiful natural sea, ornamental fish and coral colors are very charming unforgettable sea stars can be seen here, beautiful sunset and sun rise is a good to see on the horizon line./h5>
Tours Including : Air Conditioning Car, Tours Guide , Lunch at Local, Restaurant (1X)Speed Boat V.V
Tours Excluding : Snorkeling Equipment, Donation, Parking Fee,

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