One Day Trip Kuta Beach Lombok

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Lombok One Day Kuta Tours

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This tours will take eight hours tours, Lombok South Coast Tours, you can see Lombok in one day only and traveler should be book return flight ticket Bali Lombok – Lombok Bali, departure earlier in the morning by first flight and return by the last flight.


10.00. – 10.30 Arrival Lombok International Airport, meeting service, following the program.

10.30 – 10.40 Visit Penujak, a village for ceramic.

11.00 – 11.30 Visit Sade or Rambitan village, traditional houses of Lombok

12.00 – 12.30 Lunch time in Kuta beach, local restaurant

13.30 – 14.00 Visit Aan beach, white sand beaches, swimming and sun bathing.

15.00 – 15.20 Visit Gerupuk beach fishermen village

15.50 – 16.30 Visit Seger beach

16.50 – 17.20 Visit Mawun beach,

17.50 – 18.30 Drive to the airport for your onward flight return to Bali Island, program end.

Tourist Object Tours Destination

< style="text-align:center"> PENUJAK VILLAGE LOMBOK

Penujak village located on main road to the International Airport in Lombok Island belong to the central Lombok Island, it’s only take 5 minutes drive by car.
this place is the first village made Craft from pottery made of and the potters are using simple kiln fire descended from mother to many generation since seventeen century, some carved designs or applied decoration such as lizards and frogs, ashtray, and water drinking place made of clay and many others use to be export, this place are pound many souvenir shop to offer.

< style="text-align:center"> SADE RAMBITAN ENDE

Sade Rambitan and Ende These Traditional houses of Lombok they are one group in one Village Lies on the main road to Kute and is probably Lombok’s most renowned Sasak traditional Village. Visitors can admire sasak architecture including the prominent bonnet-shaped walls wall are made from bamboo or palm leafs and floors made from clay and dried cow dung. Sade Rambitan and Ende are villages with just more than 150 farmers families, has a big number of had shaped rice sheds on pillars (lumbung), which have become the symbol of Lombok.

< style="text-align:center"> KUTA BEACH LOMBOK

Beach In the southern part of Central Lombok there are row of beach stretching. One of them Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach has white sand exotic. Shaped like grains of paper that is very difficult to be found in other coastal tourist areas. Kuta beach and its surrounding area in the plan of development of integrated tourism area that will become a destination similar to Bali Nusa Dua area.

< style="text-align:center"> AAN BEACH LOMBOK

This beach located on east of Kuta Beach, it is a beautiful white sandy beaches, ideal for snorkeling or sunbathe, while admiring the surrounding beauty and surf. Tanjung  A’an very quite with calm wave. Next to Tanjung A’an are Seger Beach and Kuta Beach, each beach has different type of beautiful sand.

< style="text-align:center"> SEGER BEACH LOMBOK

Plays annual host to Bau Nyale, the biggest traditional event in Southern Lombok which commemorates the death of princess Mandalika at Seger Beach. According to legend, the beautiful princess had to choose a husband from among her many suitors.
Seeing how they all vied for her hand in marriage, she feared bringing war among them and within the kingdom if she chose one. In an act of sacrifice, she flung herself into the sea and was transformed into a swarm of colored worms.
Besides Bau Nyale Festival, Seger Beach sometimes sees good swells for surfers and, for the romantically inclined, offers “Sunset hill” with its beautiful view over Kute Bay at dusk.

< style="text-align:center"> GERUPUK BEACH LOMBOK

surf A few kilometers drive east of Kute, Gerupuk is possibly Lombok’s most popular surf destination. You can charter a boat to one of several surf sports in the bay from Gerupuk. The surf shops will set you up with gear if you haven’t got any yourself. Locals also make a living from seaweed and lobster farming and these farms can be seen just offshore. Neighboring Bumbang and Ekas Bay are just a short boat-ride away.

< style="text-align:center"> MAWUN BEACH LOMBOK

One more beach in the south of Lombok Island, mawun beach is located between two hills, it looks like the waves are separated by hills. The sand is very white and soft, while on the other side there is sand that is a bit rough because the sand contains coral reef fragments,
this beach recommends foreign tourists and archipelago tourists to sunbathe on the beach shaded by surrounding lush trees, not free from the sea the blue one with blue coral invites tourists to enjoy snorkeling activities.
Penomena nature in this place is no stranger to the following tourists before the morning sunrise looks stunningly glowing this beach. Towards dusk, the sun sets over the very beautiful hills, it looks like the eyes of a drowning day are like a wave of goodbye to the beach of Mawun.
Tours Including : Air Conditioning Car, Tours Guide , Lunch at Local, Restaurant (1X)
Tours Excluding : Entry Snorkeling Equipment, Donation, Parking Fee,

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